Garage Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space   

Garage spaces are more than just an expanded space in your home. Besides being the space where you park your car or other mobile vehicles, you can also use them for a storage room area for tools and equipment. Some homeowners may even transform their garage into their entertainment room. The thing is, like other spaces, they need maintenance and upkeep if you don’t like it to be a secondary dirty basement.  

When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, having a small garage can be an advantage. However, in terms of storage, a small space is definitely otherwise. But worry not as we will share with you a few ways you can do to fully utilize the small space in your garage area.  

The first thing to do is to utilize the wall area. A wall is a good place where you can put on some racks and shelves where you can hang some tools and objects. By utilizing the wall, you are also getting rid of some items that may otherwise clutter on the garage corners. Additionally, you can utilize the ceiling space by putting on some racks too. Seasonal decorations and accessories, as well as objects, can be placed there. In this way, what is not often used is kept away from the eyesight.   

The second is to hang your bikes. Bikes are great until you need to deal with their muddy wheels and bulky structure. Of course, they aren’t ideal to be kept indoors so you need to place them in the garage. The only problem is that they can be quite unruly when they are broken because they are less stable than a car. You can fix this problem by hanging them on the wall or ceiling. You can do this by putting on sturdy and heavy-duty hooks and hanging them there. You will be creating more space for more important tools and equipment.   

Install pegboards for your tools. Pegboards can be made and installed by professionals, or by you. They are definitely efficient in organizing your everyday tools. Without a proper structure that will hold small tools and equipment in one location, you will find it difficult to place them whenever they are needed. Save yourself from the tedious repetition of find-and-lose tool cycle. For bigger tools such as rakes, mops, and shovels, you can have a tool tower on your wall. You can purchase these tool towers from stores anywhere.   

You can also dedicate some space for personal activities and hobbies such as a gym space or a painting area. In this way, you will have more time to go and check the space for maintenance. Additionally, gym equipment may be properly stored in this space. Just make sure that you have a well-installed Epoxy Garage Floor Little Rock to avoid slipping accidents.   

Lastly, make sure that you clean regularly. There is no more effective organization routine than regular cleaning. No matter how many pegboards and shelves you install on your wall and ceiling, without regular cleaning and organization, they will be left in destitute. Without cleaning, clutter buildup, stains happen, and mess starts to accumulate.